2010 m. birželio 1 d., antradienis

Weekends at my summer house

I spent all of May weekends with my family at our summer house.

It is lovely place with little wooden house which built my parents. All my beautifull remembers of childood it is this piece of land and my little paradise with apple and cherry trees, blushes and flowers.

I love to spend my time here,love bird's songs at the early mornings,love fresh and clean air and of course ecologic grown veggies,berries and fruits!

Here is some Etsians with garden theme:
1.Pretty flower from Floralworld
2.Cute monster from Sweedebie
3.Amazing felted scarf from Naca
4.Colorful wreath from Kaleda

8 komentarai:

Kuutydruk rašė...

Seems you have a lot of fun there. Big stress relief for sure. I'm not a green finger myself :) But I love to eat and smell the result of other green fingers :)

Anonimiškas rašė...

Beautiful summer house! I love the little orchard you have, and I can picture the sense of big happiness each time we wake up to the birds singing, fresh air, and nature.
Oh wow, thanks for featuring my monster here!

Aldona rašė...

Yeahhh,I love nature, I love spent time here and smell the flowers!

LeelaBijou rašė...

What a beautiful house!

kaleda rašė...

Thank you, Aldona. Your garden is very tidy (oh my god, my garden is very chaotic).

Mami Made It rašė...

Your little resort is beautiful! I love gardening too!

Vilt à la Kim rašė...

wouw that looks great!! Reminds me I need to work in my vegtable plot (-tie is very tiny) too.

Galit rašė...

Love your summer house!!
My husband is Russian and they have the same concept of summer house - Dacha, where you go on your weekends, grow your fresh vegetables and lots of berries.
When spent some time there 3 years ago and it was magical.
I really miss it.

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