2011 m. balandžio 6 d., trečiadienis

Sewing adventures.

Since I started sewing at 16(like a hobby first) it slowly moved to my main work.

Many years I am sewing women's clothes,wedding dresses,big curtains,roman curtains and original design coverlets.

When I started my Etsy store I browsed on products and saw lovely shop LilouColours which listed some fantastic hand dyed yarns. I put heart on that shop that don't lost it.

After some time I received conversation from Ingrid(the shop owner),she asked me if I could knit a scarf or someting else for this yarn, if she send that yarn to me.

I am person who likes challenges,so of course I said Yes! That way started our lovely friendship...

When Ingrid decided to start weaving project,she asked me- could I make to her some patterns for tote bags. I said- ok no problem.

Then Ingrid said me, that she would wish that I make to her some bags from her fabric as a sample.
I thought- why not!

She sent sketches to me first,that I could make patterns till she weave fabric and send to me.After some conversations on Skype she said me- maybe will be better if I came to you and we will make them together?

I said- cool! It would be best way to make them together,so we could make some changes during the process.
She came to Vilnius at October 17th,2010 for 2 weeks, after almost an year our online friendship.We met her together with my son Dominic in the airport.

And bag's sewing started- Ingrid worked on leather parts,hand stitched them,I made the bags.

First bag was "Frankenstein" but we checked all our mistakes.
And then in those 2 weeks we finished 4 small and 4 large bags! 2 crazy girls in 2 rooms flat,he he he!

And then we decided that our international team is JUST WONDERFUL! We joke often- that yarn she sent to me is very long way:-)

So to be continued:-)))


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