2010 m. kovo 22 d., pirmadienis

My first Monday Moodboard- Euro week

Today I made my first Monday Moodboard! Here are some very tallented Europian artists!

1.Lovely bag from Ikabags
2.Gorgeous copper brooch from Globusyte
3.Warm and light scarf from ingermaaike
4.And so sweet angel Claudio from Krize

6 komentarai:

Kreativlink rašė...

Beautiful picks!

Rosemary rašė...

Very nice finds, colors fit your blog outfit! :)

ingermaaike rašė...

Such a wonderful selection, thank you for adding one of mine :-D

Vaida rašė...

Just beautiful!

gr8jewellery rašė...

Lovely selection!

Andaja rašė...

Just lovely!