2010 m. kovo 15 d., pirmadienis

My latest listing- lovely felted slippers,booties


Finally I listed kid's booties,which I felted using Lithuanian,non carbonized and not dyed wool.It means that this wool is alive and still has all good quality-keeps warmth very well,massage and helps blood circulation.I just decorated them using dyed wool.

These booties I made as a custom order for Globusyte's little son and I listed them as a custom order too.

5 komentarai:

Rosemary rašė...

I had slipper made from natural wool when I was a kid. They were fantastic! My feet never sweat in that slipper. So I know what you mean by saying healthy boots :)
And your looks so gorgeous! Kids will love them!

Aldona rašė...

Thanks Rosemary! I hope these slippers will be popular. I love Lithuanian wool,and I know that is the best thing for cold feet:-)))

Sabina rašė...

Lovely slippers!

Arctida rašė...

OMG! They are so cute :)

Galit rašė...

Lovely indeed! The look so comfy!