2010 m. birželio 20 d., sekmadienis

My wonderfull photo session...



I always thought, that I couldn't taking pictures of myself,because everytime I became on them horrible,it is true...

But on Lithuania team on Etsy I met very kindly and honestly peoples who were able to help me. One of them is wonderfull young lady Rosita,she runs Digitalcreator shop here on Etsy,please take a look:-)

We met first time this spring when Ana (RosemaryManufacture) came in Vilnius for Easter holidays visit parents. Then our friendship started- we give phone numbers to each other, chatting on skype:-)

I had very poor shop avatar,and needed something fitting to my new banner,by the way it honestly made to me Tomas (Promopocket).

I told to Rosita-I hate myself at the pics,I am uggly on them,she just smile and said: if you wish we could make a photo session and I will show you that you are wrong thinking that:-)

I said- ok let's try,I am Saggitarius so I like to try something new:-)

We took pictures at my working room,I just made some changes.

When I saw pictures on my computer I was AMAZED! I'm inlove myself looking that! I haven't seen myself from my better side and couldn't imagine this.

Also Rosita gave me a piece of good advice about taking pictures of my finished garments.

Thank you, dear, Rosita for this huge help!!!

6 komentarai:

florigamigirl rašė...

Aldona, you and your photos and your pieces are BEAUTIFUL!!

ingermaaike rašė...

Both you and your work is so beautiful!
Is it not grand we all find each other like this through etsy :)

Anonimiškas rašė...

Aldona you and your photo beautiful!!!

With best regards, Silverstonelt

heartshapedcreations rašė...

What a sweet post! I totally agree with the girlies, you as well as your wonderful shop look absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Rosemary rašė...

Aldona is very warm and really nice person, and I think these photos show real Aldona :)
Looking forward to see more nice shots!

Vilt à la Kim rašė...

youi are looking beautyfull1! well done both!! I love seeing friendships grow with the help of etsy:)