2011 m. liepos 6 d., trečiadienis

Knitting silk

At this moment I am knitting swiss lace silk yarn,which Ingrid(Liloucolours) dyed in my favorite purple color and sent to me.

This is a top quality lace yarn and it is truly pleasure work on it. It softly slides through my fingers,just a like dream!

I am knitting it on very thin 2mm needles,I use only one ply of this yarn and it is an adventure work with that small size:-) But result really worth this!
In this way the slubby texture creates thick and thin spots and looks just amazing!
When I started this blouse I thought to make some lace pattern on whole blouse,but row went after row and I saw that it looks fantastic without any pattern. The yarn creates its own pattern and that's enough!
Maybe on the bottom of this blouse I put a little lace,but still not sure.

Also I am knitting this blouse top down again,and can't not mention that it has no seams!!! When I done knit it will be done!

6 komentarai:

ingermaaike rašė...

Oh that is going to be just so stunning! My admiration for your patience too :-)

steinschmuckdesign rašė...

Oh I just saw that silk and it looks sooooo beautiful,
stunning color!!!

Aldona rašė...

Thank you girls! I love this silk very much! It is so soft and smooth! Just a dream to knit!

Erika Price rašė...

What a gorgeous colour! Erika

Lilou rašė...

You're a maniac, but I love it!! Such patience ;-)

AmyandPia rašė...

That is beautiful! You must have some patience to knit with such fine needles though!!!