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Sewing adventures.

Since I started sewing at 16(like a hobby first) it slowly moved to my main work.

Many years I am sewing women's clothes,wedding dresses,big curtains,roman curtains and original design coverlets.

When I started my Etsy store I browsed on products and saw lovely shop LilouColours which listed some fantastic hand dyed yarns. I put heart on that shop that don't lost it.

After some time I received conversation from Ingrid(the shop owner),she asked me if I could knit a scarf or someting else for this yarn, if she send that yarn to me.

I am person who likes challenges,so of course I said Yes! That way started our lovely friendship...

When Ingrid decided to start weaving project,she asked me- could I make to her some patterns for tote bags. I said- ok no problem.

Then Ingrid said me, that she would wish that I make to her some bags from her fabric as a sample.
I thought- why not!

She sent sketches to me first,that I could make patterns till she weave fabric and send to me.After some conversations on Skype she said me- maybe will be better if I came to you and we will make them together?

I said- cool! It would be best way to make them together,so we could make some changes during the process.
She came to Vilnius at October 17th,2010 for 2 weeks, after almost an year our online friendship.We met her together with my son Dominic in the airport.

And bag's sewing started- Ingrid worked on leather parts,hand stitched them,I made the bags.

First bag was "Frankenstein" but we checked all our mistakes.
And then in those 2 weeks we finished 4 small and 4 large bags! 2 crazy girls in 2 rooms flat,he he he!

And then we decided that our international team is JUST WONDERFUL! We joke often- that yarn she sent to me is very long way:-)

So to be continued:-)))


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12 komentarų:

Nancy van den Boom rašė...

The bags are just awesome. I wish I had the money to buy them (or 1.....). Beautiful!

Aldona rašė...

Thank you dear Nancy! We hope with Ingrid that we will sell them,it is fully handmade product and takes lots working hours:-)

aegeansea rašė...

Absolutely gorgeous bags! congrats to you girls! I can't think of anything more fun than meeting online friends in person! Continued success !

Aldona rašė...

Thank you Aegean! Yea this is amazing,isn't? 2 strange persons meet each other online and it grows to something beautiful and crazy:-)))

Colours and Textures rašė...

Lovely bags and so professional.. Well done to you both a great collaboration!

Lilou rašė...

Hello partner ;-) Great blog and very fond memories! Not the last time I'm sure ;-)

Rita alias alatvian rašė...

What a great story of collaboration!
Well done girls!

DemyBlackDesign rašė...

Amazing story! And girls you done a great work!!! I just love these bags!!!!

Aldona rašė...

Thanks girls!

kraplap rašė...

what a great story !! I love you two crazy girls, and the bags too !!

ingermaaike rašė...

These bags look utterly sublime! So proffesional looking :)

AmyandPia rašė...

That is brilliant!! And the bags are really and truly gorgeous, I have admired them for a long time, without knowing the collaboration story :-)